New iPhone 7 Might Have 256 GB Storage

As we reached nowadays a new rumor, the iPhone seven and can continue to bring new options to differentiate his younger brother iPhone 7. If you already have almost assured that your camera are twin lens whereas the little model can stay healthy currently and we all know that may feature 256 GB storage.

This comes filtered through an NAND flash memory SanDisk 256GB, which might be ideal for the new terminal of Apple pictures. This could even exterminate initial sixteen GB of storage supported the iPhone seven and, and leave 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Hopefully not make America Guerra prosecutor that created sudden thirty two GB, and leaving with 16GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It would be an entire joke by Apple, users face.

Apple SanDisk chips used in the past in other iPhone, like the iPhone 5, iPhone half dozen and iPhone 6 and, other terminals mounted reminiscences competition, NAND flash chips from Samsung, SK Hynix, and Toshiba.

In this case, they have managed to scale back the scale of the memories of 256GB to form them smaller than a median chip 64GB, which makes possible em UTI’s in the body of the iPhone seven and, which is one millimetre dilutant however that still would have a bigger battery than the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S and, thanks to miniaturization of its elements.

Other rumors connected to the iPhone seven position it with associate degree A10 processor factory-made by TSMC, a Smart connexion, Dual camera, stereo speakers, modem LTE Intel 7360, no headphone jack, water resistance, wireless charging, bands antenna relocated and we tend to still have abundant to find within the coming back months.
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