I phone 7 Concept

Hy Guys! i am Pensive Star and i am very happy and excited today because Apple company has launched new model mobile iPhone 7 based on iOS technology.

Apple iPhone seven Features:

I had to mention regarding its massive screen size as a result of Apply iPhone seven goes to be larger screen.


The front panel camera is fourteen megapixel and front camera is four megapixel.It is a lot of higher than iPhone vi.


Processor is that the backbone of any phone.Its a quad-core A9 processor of Apple iPhone seven.Its processor is extremely quick and higher performance


iPhone seven memory is over iPhone vi and.it may be 256 GB or unlimited.


Apple has introduce projector in their new model iPhone seven. it's designed for work and principally used for gift the PowerPoint slides

iPhone seven Price:

It is terribly dear mobile and its worth is between 1000-1200 USD.
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